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Window Insulation: Mayeco Commercial

Window Insulation: Mayeco commercial magnetic windows are a unique interior mounted insulating window that attaches and seals magnetically around the entire perimeter of the prime window. Magnetite Windows seal and conserve your energy all year round just like a refrigerator door.

These interior insulating windows provide more comfort and energy savings than standard double glazed thermal windows by doubling the resistance to conductive heat loss and virtually eliminating air infiltration.

Magnetite Magnetic Windows were developed by an energy physicist, Kenneth J. Foster, President of ECON, Inc. in conjunction with the M.I.T. Innovation Center to design solutions to the important problems of energy loss through windows. Moderate cost, simplicity, ease of installation, professional and aesthetic appearance and high insulating value were among the major design criteria that were successfully achieved.



Magnetite Windows are made of materials that are widely accepted in the building industry and have a better combination of properties for the insulation of windows than other materials such as metals, woods, and glass.

A number of factors have been taken into consideration in the design, assembly, and installation of Magnetite Magnetic Windows such as:

Superior thermal performance

Minimizes drafts and condensation

Aesthetics and appearance

Ease of fabrication and installation

Personal safety vs. glass

Outside noise reduction


The thermal performance of Magnetite Windows generally exceeds that of dual glazed replacement windows. This is due to two primary factors; the high thermal resistance of acrylic compared to an equivalent thickness of glass (four times as great), and the almost total elimination of cold or hot air infiltration (leakage) due to the complete magnetic seal. Air infiltration energy loss can range from one-half to twice the magnitude of the conducted energy loss, dependent on the quality and crack space of the prime window.
Magnetite Magnetic Window insulation systems are proprietary to the inventor and is covered under U.S. Patent #4473980.

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