Magnetite Key Benefits

Magnetite: The Original, Interior, Magnetic Window Insulation Solution...


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Mayeco Key Benefits
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  1. Lowers Your Energy Costs

  2. Quick Pay Back On Your Window Insulation Investment

  3. Greatly Reduces Heat Transfer Through The Windows

  4. Deadens Outside Noise And Makes Your Home Quieter

  5. Stops Ultraviolet Fading Of Your Drapes, Carpet And Furnishings

  6. Increases The Value Of Your Home By 100% Of Your Investment

  7. Reduces Fogging And Condensation Of Your Windows

  8. Seals Out Dust And Pollen, House Is Easier To Clean

  9. Makes Your Home Much More Comfortable

  10. Completely Eliminates Drafts

  11. Prolongs The Life Of Both Your Air Conditioner And Heater

  12. Easy To Operate And Clean, No Difficult Latches Or Clips

  13. Attractive, Will Not Alter The Look Of Your Existing Windows

  14. Will Not Interfere With The Operation Of Your Existing Window

  15. Safer Than Glass, Will Not Shatter

  16. 18 Times Stronger Than Glass

  17. Easy Removal In Case Of Fire Or Emergency

  18. Available In Both White And Brown To Match Any Décor

  19. Can Be Fitted To Any Type Of Window

  20. "Green" Energy Solution

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