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Magnetite Technical Data

Magnetite has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories on every aspect of its performance, over a span of twenty years. This is a summary of the results.


R-value of 4.8 in combination with single pane window, as determined by
John M. Yellott Laboratories, Arizona, in tests performed August 5, 1982.

Heat loss reduction of 412.5 btu/hr/ft sq (from 687.0 to 274.5) when applied to single pane window. 60% net reduction of heat transfer. As determined by
Architectural Testing Inc.
, York, PA, in tests performed January 28, 1985

Air Infiltration

Less than .01 cfm/lineal foot crack space, compared to DOE standard for storm windows of 2.0. Tested with 25 mph wind equivalent at
The Associated Laboratories , Dallas, using ASTM E-283 test method. Similar results at the John M. Yellott Laboratories, above.

Sound Control

STC rating improves from 18 to 28 when
Magnetite is added to single hung window. 19.2 sound decibel reduction, effective reduction of over 70%. Particularly effective in 1000 Hz range. As determined by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories, Illinois, in tests performed April 22, 1988.

UV Control

Ultraviolet light waves between 300 and 355 reduced by 99.1% when passing through acrylic sheet. UV light waves between 360 and 375 reduced by 66.2%. As determined by DSET Laboratories, Inc., Phoenix, in tests performed October 31, 1986.

Glass versus acrylic thermal resistance comparison

Glass---5 to 6 btu/hr/sq ft/F, according to CRC Handbook of Chemistry
Acrylic---0.7 to 1.7 btu/hr/sq ft/F, according to Handbook of Plastics 
(indicates that acrylic is 3 to 8 times more thermally insulating than glass)

Magnetic Holding Force

12.0 lb/lin. ft, commercial grade9.0 lb/lin. ft, residential grade according to Manufacturer


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